Thursday, 20 September 2012

Doggy tool : Easy step walk through Gate

Dogs are belongs to nature. A good owner of dog must not cage or tie his/ her doggy. They must be bred freely. Understand they will be sometimes we need to limit some space like when we are mopping the floor, calling servicer to repair something in our home that we hope our dog will not bite them or get close to dirty area and others things we can use a gate for our doggy. So that our doggy still can play and remain free untied. No dogs like in tied position. That will make them feel unwanted and derive anger. This is not healthy for the doggy mental. The more love and nature we treat the dogs believe it or not it will increase his intelligent as a result we will be easier to train him.

Welcome to Lucky in memorial blog

Welcome! ,

Welcome to Lucky in memorial blog.

Lucky is our family's lovely doggy that we bought from a pet shop since he was only 3 months.

Our heart were melt by him as he was so innocent with his adorable looks and acts.

He was a lovely doggy that full of loves and spirits.

Unfortunately he was poisoned by somebody when he was playing at the garden, he left us forever... he was only 5 years old. Everyone feels so sad because of the way he died. He was fully taken care and healthy but died only by a poisoned..

Lucky bring a lot of memories to us. During his presence he was so adorable and gain everyone's heart with all he had inside him, inner and outer beauty of a doggy. No one can ever forget that he was ever exist in this life.

This blog will be filled with all info about doggies, kitties and other animals in memorial to my adorable doggy Lucky Tan.